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Raar gaar - part 1 Raar gaar - part 1

Rated 3 / 5 stars

Why is this 5/5?

It's not indie for starters. It's top listed because he's voted on his own submission. Me as a fellow audio artist is concerned, why this is currently, the best indie song and it's got 19 downloads, whats that about? Besides that, add some vocals, and put your song's into the right genre next time. Good luck.

qeshi responds:

well what genre should it be in then ???
I wanted to put in in indie-electronica but that genre doesn't exist here so I thought I do the next best thing and put it in indie.

I don't rember voting five on my own song, but I do rember voting five on my own flash film Raar the baby lion, but that didn't seem to effect the score at all, it's like a drop in the ocean.